Algebra Suicide

I've been digging around a bit in the old Trouser Press record guides from the 80's. These were fantastic directories to the alternative/underground music scene that had been covered by the magazine of the same name before it went the way of the dodo. I think there may be a few of Trouser Press books in print still, and they are well worth picking up. They now have a website but it pretty much just covers what's in the books and seems to be rarely updated, so best stick with AllMusic for that purpose.
Anyway, I always randomly flip through and find a new old band to rediscover via Soulseek, and this weeks little gem is by Algebra Suicide, a Chicago duo led by the wonderfully named Cleopatra-goth queen Lydia Tomkiw. Her vocal approach is dry, witty, and bizarre, and is often compared to Laurie Anderson. Don Hedeker creates the music and I was totally 10 years off when I first heard this! It sounds to me just like 1981 UK Indie, i.e. Young Marble Giants or Postcard Records. However, this track is from their 1991 release Swoon, and also apparently from some oddball compilation, which is where I found it. I've fallen in love with this track but I haven't been able to find anything more from Algebra Suicide, even on Soulseek. Anyone out there ever heard of them before and perhaps know where to obtain a copy, or a copy of a copy? Let me know....
Algebra Suicide - A Slap In The Face
MP3 3.90MB, 190kbps, 44kHz

you could contact Don Hedeker via the Polkaholics website
there is an entire album available for download by Algebra Suicide which can be found through the SYSTEMS OF ROMANCE BLOG website.
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