Stereolab again crank out some new music this month in the form of 3 limited edition 7' singles/digital downloads. I DO love Stereolab and I refuse to ride the current backlash that says they are boring because they've gotten into a rut and keep repeating themselves over and over. To me, that's part of what makes them so great. The are "pop" in the Andy Warhol sense of plastic artificiality and repetetiveness. They have a sound and they stick with it, creating varations on the theme of analog earcandy. No-one would buy a Stereolab klezmer or metal album, now would they? They do what they do and (I think) they just keep getting better at it. Here is a highlight from the new batch of singles.
Stereolab - Interlock
MP3 7.33MB, 320kbps, 44kHz

Always good to hear some new Stereolab. They can do no wrong in my eyes (and ears). Is it just me, or is the song incomplete? It abruptly ends at the 4:12 mark.
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