Devendra Banhart

Oh, rats!
Forgive me if my posts have been infrequent, I'll try to remedy that. It's just that the school season is upon us again and along with working FT, I haven't really had time or cash to explore new musics and restaurants, take pictures etc. But update I must, for the faerie spirit of Devendra calls... This little ditty had me shuffling around the house this morning, doing the psychedelic samba. I've been entranced by Devendra Banhart since his first CD of hissy home recordings emerged a few years back. Honestly, I never got into his next two simultaneously released records, though now I'm not sure why. Here, and on the rest of his fantastic new CD Cripple Crow, Banhart fills in his typically naked sound with a variety of eclectic musical flesh, creating charming little worlds that reveal more about themselves with each listen. It's at times like Syd had come back down instead and rejoined Pink Floyd around the time of Ummagumma, but with a vague glam twist. Here and there, this album resembles something we used to call rock-n-roll ("Chinese Children", where Devendra comes across like Marc Bolan doing a Lou Reed cover.), which is dramatic new territory for this typically fey folkie. Lyrically, Banhart tends to leaves his usual acid-damaged gibberish behind in favor of a more down to earth, accessible approach. Also, there are several wonderfully bouncy little Spanish numbers like today's selection...
Devendra Banhart - Pensando Enti
MP3 6.34MB, 192kbps, 44kHz

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