Throwing Muses

Nearly 20 years later, there is still something so therapeutic about listening to the teen angst and melodrama of the first self-titled Throwing Muses album (4AD, 1986). Kristin Hersh's emotions are raw and she hurls emotional non-sequiters until her throat is bloody. It's amazing to think that the Muses were only teens when they wrote and recorded those songs. Hersh was wise beyond her years. Whenever I feel I frustrated or blue or lonely or antisocial (basically, whenever I get a VERY belated rush of teenage angst - don't we all sometimes?), I love listening to that album because I can relate to its sentiments so well. It's such a fucking classic record, amazing in its shifting moods, random time changes, emotional overload, and even a bit of dark humor here and there: ("He won't ride in cars anymore/It reminds him of blowjobs/That he's a queer/And his hair stuck to the roof")
Delightfully, Hersh has returned to similarly raw territory with 50 Foot Wave and thier new Golden Ocean album, which ranks as one of the best of 2005 so far, if not THE best. It's beyond time for the music of Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses, and 50 Foot Wave to see some more recognition, and a good place to begin is this track from the first Muses album:
Throwing Muses - Soul Soldier
MP3 7.09MB, 192kbps, 44kHz

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