Goldfrapp rose from the ashes of the late nineties trip-hop boom with the magnificently subdued Felt Mountain. It was cinematic and epic and spawned eighty-seven remixes of the same three or so singles, which were all also fantastic. Picking up where all those remixes left off, Will and Alison unleashed Black Cherry in 2003. It was the Electroclash album to end all Electroclash. Simply put, no one could top it. With such sublime delights as "Twist", "Train", and "Strict Machine", it was an album that stayed on everyones heavy rotation list for several years. It's unimaginiable that they could possibly top Black Cherry, but I present to you the stomping, glittery new Goldfrapp single "Ooh La La" in it's full extended glory. Mute/EMI are putting a heavy push on the new album Supernature (due late August), expecting it to go massive. If there is any justice in the world, it will go massive. "Ooh La La" is like Kylie in full electro mode meets the foot-stomping glam rock of classic T. Rex. It's sexy, slick, and addictive as candy and is guaranteed to remain stuck in your head for the rest of your life. Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Original Extended Mix) MP3 8.9MB, 160kbps, 44kHz

Hi. Is there ANY way you could re-post that Ooh La La - Original Extended Mix? I want it so badly!!! I dont actually have a user so here is my email if u choose to get bak to me. I have looked for it everyhwere and its only avalible on a vinyl. ty

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