The Twin

Somehow no one was paying attention when Boy George slipped out late last year with a new album Yum Yum recorded under the moniker "The Twin". It was recorded with George's old pal Kinky Roland and is delightfully hardcore fun. No Culture Club style lite-rock balladry here! Sounds like George is a big fan of Peaches' electro-punk raunch. Songs range from electroclash-style dancefloor stompers (the wonderfully obscene "Here Cum The Girls" ) to the Garbage-style rock of "Human Racing". The ragga flavored "Fire-Desire" pits George against New York nasty girls Avenue D in a vicious battle over the same Chi-Chi Man. This is without a doubt Mr. O'Dowd's best solo work since 1995's oft-overlooked classic Cheapness and Beauty. So far Yum Yum has only seen the light of day in the UK as a limited run on George's own indie label More Protein. I have a feeling George is waiting for a buzz to build from the underground up before springing this one on the general public. Yum Yum has the potential to be a huge comeback for Boy George, and it's addictive beats and sassy attitude outdoes the work of many younger artists working in the same realm. In other words, it makes an album like Fischerspooner's Odyssey seem like a total snore. However, I have to admit the new look is a bit harsh. The Twin - Disco Ugly MP3 7.17MB, 224kbps, 44kHz

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