The Tears

Seems like that old black magic is back again for Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler who were last seen together in 1994, releasing Suede's epic Dog Man Star album, before a notoriously bitter split. When it was announced last year they had kissed and made up it seemed too good to be possible. Starting from scratch and calling themselves The Tears, they set about putting together a few little ditties. The result, Here Come The Tears, is a stunner: gorgeous and epic in classic Suede fashion, but not nearly as angsty. The sound is matured and relaxed, and Brett's perfect-pitch voice is in fine form again after years of decay brought on by mad drugs and chainsmoking. The production is immaculate, laced throught with glittery garlands of strings, and layers of jangling guitar and backing vocals. It's closer to Butler's work on McAlmont & Butler ("Yes") than it is to anything churned out by Anderson's latter-day Suede, who seemed to run out of creative steam. Rehabbed and refreshed, older and wiser, these two are ready to conquer the world all over again with an album that is an instant British classic that is as lovely and lush as a rainy spring garden. UK Release Date: June 6, 2005 The Tears - Lovers MP3 5.62MB, 192kbps, 44kHz

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