I really can't stand P.Diddy! However, I'm in mad love with Felix da Housecat and this unlikely pair recently collaborated on this and a dozen other tracks, some of which are slated for Puffy's next CD. I'll admit that it's refreshing to see one of rap music's biggest moguls rebelling against rap music itself and doing something totally electro and bizzare. It takes a bit of nerve to mess with his fans expectations like that, I suppose. Here, Diddy goes cheesy on the mic agaisnt a bare-bones electro-house track typical of vintage Felix. Like a modern day Frank Sinatra, he's never been a songwriter, just all showmanship and posse. I dunno, I think there's some homoerotic innuendo happening here too. What with all it's sweaty beats and talk of jacking bodies, it's bound to be a new gay club anthem. I've seen first hand a crowded dancefloor turned upside down by this track, and if it becomes a big hit, it could change the face of modern hip-hop. Ultimately, despite the songs initial energy and catchiness, once the novelty wears off we are left with a ranting, talentless windbag. Hmmm...Is P.Diddy pushing the envelope of modern music, or setting himself up to be even more of a hip-hop punchline? I really can't decide.
P.Diddy - Jack U MP3 5.84MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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