Human League

Ground zero for electro-punk, this John Peel session was recorded in July 1978.

Phil and League on Being Boiled:

Phil Oakey - 'I think I wanted to see If I could get away with it, they'd done a really good backing track and I didn't know If I was up to the task of being in the group. So I just took a tape home and wrote some stuff over and I was just amazed when they said it's alright, I just went and sang it too them, which is like one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life, and they said yeah that's alright.'

Martin Ware - 'I thought It was brilliant.'

Ian Craig Marsh -' err jaw dropping I think.' Academics were mystified and intrigued by the bizarre lyrics of silkworm torture and Phil admitted that it was all down to religious confusion on his his part as he explains here; '...I'd got some religions mixed up and I thought that like Buddhism was the same as Hinduism, and it was sort of a plea for vegetarism really against killing the silkworms to make socks or something? I got really confused about it.' (Quotes courtesy league-online.com - Also see Blind Youth - the Early Work of the Human League) Human League - Being Boiled (Peel Session) MP3 4.95MB, 160 kbps, 44kHz

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