GE's Got To Investigate Silicones

A shattering musical epic from General Electric's 1973 industrial show. If this kind of thing delights you as much as it does me, check out 2004's 365 Days project, which featured quite a few of these corporate gems on mp3 (including another masterpice from this GE record, "Sand".) "Instead of the common staged industrial theatrical show, "Silicones" was actually a film used to attract potential clients. The music and lyrics were by the talented and clever team of Hank Beebe and Bill Heyer, two of the best industrial composers in the business, who also wrote shows for the Detroit Diesel Engine Division of GM (Diesel Dazzle), Rambler (Going Great), Seagram's, Dodge and American Motors, to name just a few. "Silicones" starred Ron Young, Paul Eichel and Joy Garrett, a singer who did a lot of 70s television - and the lead singer of this sexy number, making it all sound pretty damn groovy.

- Jonathan Ward" (quote courtesy 365 Days)

GE's Got To Investigate Silicones - The Answer MP3 11.3MB, 192kbps, 44kHz

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