As you may have noticed, we have a new blue look going on here today at Making Flippy Floppy. The coding was starting to get a bit wonky and Firefox couldn't read it anymore for some reason. So! It was time to for something different, and as days get hotter I wanted something a bit...colder. Speaking of which (Oh, wotta transition!), I'm delighted to present the latest from France's Colder. Marc Nguyen Tan is the man behind this band, and he made one my top ten favorite albums of 2003, Again which was an addictive mix of lo-fi electro beats, detached euro-cool, gothy Tones on Tail vibes and lo-fi experimentalism. I could listen to that albums lead track "Crazy Love" on repeat for many sick hours of Strawberry Smirnoff vodka and spinning round like a record. Anyway, Colder is back for 2005 with a new album Heat and though I haven't had a chance to absorb the whole thing, it seems like a bit of a step away from the dancefloor and into more of an indie-rock zone. Not neccessarily a bad thing, but so far nothing here has the same sort of grip that thier debut had on me. At times it sounds like a more robotic Joy Division as fronted by a slightly tipsy Daniel Ash affecting a Frenchy accent. The mood seems a wee bit glum compared to Again, excepting the disco-dub of "Tonight" and "On My Mind" which provide some welcome mid-album bass groovilation. I haven't seen a release date for Heat yet, but it is set to emerge soon enough on the fantastic Output Recordings label. Colder - Wrong Baby MP3, 7.58MB, 320kbps, 44kHz

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