I've been wanting to feature some local artists here for a while. In fact I was thinking it might be nice to do a "local artist Friday" every week, or something like that. However, no one is sending me mp3's of local music (c'mon kids, don't be shy!), so I had to do a little hunting around the web. Well folks, there just ain't a lot out there from this area that meets the somewhat stringent standards of the Making Flippy Floppy music filter. Actually, there's not much out there from North Idaho at all! (I guess I'll have to go for Spokane.) And then there was this girl. I'm not a fan of her style of music at all (Country Pop), but I have to admire the irony-free aplomb with which she tackles her music career. Her name is Rockangel and she hails from Hayden, ID. On her Soundclick site , she reveals that she has a "troubled inner angel" named Naughtysnowangel who is the "bad girl" of the two, the overly made-up vixen next to Rockangel's feathered hair innocence. Naughtysnowangel likes "anything hard and fast with a beat (just the way I like my men)," and is ready to karaoke herself to death all night long, while Rockangel is the sweet 'lil homegirl who "just likes to observe others and absorb my world on a level that only another artist would be able to understand - letting my words flow freely through me, and eventually to you, the listener." So far, it's apparently Rockangel who has handled the recording duties, coming up with a series of seriously schmaltzy but somehow loveable country-pop ballads in the Shania Twain vein. On this tune, "Butterflies", she shamelessly steals the melody from Barry Manilow's "Could it be Magic" (which itself was ripped off from some classical piece, I believe), so you have to applaud her for that! On her site, she threatens to let Naughtysnowangel loose on the mic, something I have no choice but to look forward to with lyrical possibilities such as this (from her site): "I let it sit - you make it churn, I let it rest -you make it burn, I let it hide - you make it show, and when it dies you rape it's soul..." Whew! Rockangel - Butterflies MP3 2.26MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

You made our wings flutter when we read your good/bad news on us angels over here! It was SO refreshing to read about us from another persons point of view. We have to say though, you WHAAAAT? Didn't like our music? Well, naughtysnowangel ran away laughing and spanking herself while I, rockangel, had to watch her! It was horrible sight, you really should have been there. Anywho(that's right anyWHO), check out the website listed below for some real intense angel "feelings" written in songs & poetry. We're sure they'll make you fall into a trance and love us even more than you already do!
G'naughty night!
~The angels~
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