Pink Grease & Peaches

When UK Disco-Punk noisemakers Pink Grease elected to release "Peaches" as a single from last year's classic This Is For Real, it was obvious who had to do the remix. None other than our beloved Lady of the Pink Dong - Peaches, of course. Like any other thing she touches, the identity of the original artist falls away into oblivion. She snatches a vocal bit here, a guitar riff there, but puts them into a hot Peaches pie with her own 808 beats, rolling bass, and plenty of her own vocals. It's a surprisingly low-key vocal performance from the Peach - she just settles into the groove and raps in a kind of low moan. Another addictive hit of Peaches madness. Let's just hope girlfriend puts away the vibrator long enough to cook up a new CD of her own. Pink Grease - Peaches (Peach Grease Mix by Peaches) MP3 3.27MB, 128kbps, 44khz

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