Mount Sims

I was vaguely intrigued but ultimately unimpressed by Mount Sims 2002 debut disc Ultra Sex. It tried too hard to fit into the electroclash mold, paling next to Peaches similar yet vastly superior Teaches of Peaches. His whole look and image seemed contrived and phony, from the spiky pink 'do and the shiny black leather to the two "new wave" backup girls with tragic feathered hair. So I was beyond surprised to discover that the latest Mount Sims disc Wild Light (Gigolo Records) is truly a delight. Its mix of dark analog electronics and live bass have a distinct '80s flavor and brings to mind the glory era of Factory or Mute Records, specifically artists like Fad Gadget or early New Order, with a sinister Giorgio Moroder infulence happening as well. On Wild Light, Mount Sims does wear his influences on his sleeve but still manages to create something original and fresh. The tacky sleaze factor of Ultra Sex is relpaced with a detached Gary Numan style paranoia. The tone of the album is more somber, and Mount Sims finally deserves to be taken seriously as an artist. Bauhaus' David J and Roger Manning (Beck, Moog Cookbook) make guest appearances. This, the first single is a catchy cut-and-paste of early '80's elements: Mount Sims - No Yellow Lines MP3 4.79MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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