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Monday's Luscious Links Teenage Wildlife: Alphabetical List of Bowie Songs: Includes lyrics and trivia: Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah. http://www.teenagewildlife.com/music/Alpha.html A Scream In My Voice: My sister Brian's seldomly updated but always catty blog. http://www.ascreamingvoice.blogspot.com All Mozart Radio: Makes coding seem a little less tedious. http://www.geocities.com/mozart_radio/ What's your Papal Name? I'm Pope Anastasius V. http://www.papalname.wildjelly.com/ Crochet My Crotch: Go to the gallery for pictures of Vagina-inspired crafts. http://www.crochetmycrotch.com/

Patrick, m'dear, my url is www.ascreamingvoice.blogspot.com :)
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