Fadeouts was a fun little music project of mine from a few years back where I filled my hard drive to the max with random samples from old thrift store cassettes, clips of friends talking, treated/scratched CDs, etc. and cut and pasted everything into a cohesive album. It's always been one of my favorite things I've worked on and I'm happy to announce that I will be reissuing the one and only Fadeouts album Friction in free MP3 download form as part of the internet record label project I am working on currently. The new Flexible Records site will be up by Sunday, May 1, and the URL is easy enough: www.flexiblerecords.com. Also available for download will be full albums and singles by Orange Television, Swivek, Rain & Romeo, and others. I am of course accepting submissions in MP3 format for potential inclusiuon in the project, so get some mixing software, an 808, marimbas, triangles, tap shoes, whatever you need to record that demo and send it to me! Or, dig out that old tape of wierd music you drunkenly made with some friends way back when, dust it off, rip it to MP3 and send it to me! You get the idea. Anyways, this Fadeouts song was inspired by this girl I knew at the time Jill's hair. It was big, blonde and perfect. I told her I made a song about her hair and gave her a copy and she probably thought I was a stalker or something, a bit psycho at least - I don't blame her... Fadeouts - Jill's Hair MP3 2.34MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

I just remembered Jill and had to take a mind trip travel to that crazy blonde. She was so much fun and was (like myself) falsely fired from the AmeriHell Hotel in Coeur d'Alene by a Mormon boss who harbored deep seeded homosexual resentment against me and probably had it in for Jill because of her fabulous 'do.
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