Edie Sedgwick

Every now and then in the topsy-turvy world of pop music comes along such an oddball that classification seems like a moot point. You know, like Tiny Tim or Ashlee Simpson. Such is the case with Justin Sedgwick, who smeared his pretty face with black eyeliner and red lipstick and became Edie Sedgwick, named so after the notorious Warhol superstar/New Yok socialite of the 1960's. Edie has released one of the most unusual but loveable records of the year (so far) with Her Love Is Real, But She Is Not. It's a frantic sound, like an electro-fried Pixies on Diet Coke. Plus, adding to the general weird vibe is the fact that all the songs on the album are named after the celebrities that Sedgwick compulsively obsesses over ("Robert Downey Jr", "Molly Ringwald", "Sally Field".) Edie's brilliantly confusing website has her manifesto and other amusing rants. Totally bananas, addictive and bizarre, the lead single is "Sigourney Weaver", which is surely my favorite song about black dyke boots since Depeche Mode's "Something to Do." Brilliant! Edie Sedgwick - Sigourney Weaver MP3 3.54MB, 128kbps, 44khz

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