The Cure

It's time to wish Robert Smith a happy 46th birthday today by sharing one of his most rotten songs. "See the Children" was recorded as a demo in 1977 by a very young Easy Cure. The other songs from this demo all surfaced for the first time officially on Rhino's wonderful double-disc reissue of Three Imaginary Boys. Somehow, this track was mysteriously left off. I'm assuming that's either because Robert is terribly embarrased by having ever even penned this perky little ode to child molestation, or the record company simply declared it too offensive to include. Either way, they probably made the right decision to leave it in the vaults, with such un-PC lyrics as "I stopped the car the other day / I had to ask a little girl the way / I thought she'd show me better if she got inside / And once inside I thought I'd take her for a little ride..." I mean: yuck! What was he thinking? I guess we can chalk it up to punk shock value and youthful indiscretion (he was only 18 at the time). In the endlessly extensive and mostly brilliant catalog of Cure music, this tune surely lives near the bottom of the toilet tank. Happy birthday Bob! The Cure - See the Children MP3 3.62MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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