Phew...I'm pooped. I worked the all-night shift last night but felt compelled to drink rum and lemonade when I got home at 7AM. I finally got to listen to the Swivek single for "Debbie Doesn't" I got in the mail yesterday, and was turned on by the crazy-fab Tiki Lab remixes. So, I decided to point my displaced early-morning drunken energy toward the pursuit of a Swivek remix. Swivek, of course, is our dearest Brad down in West Hollywood whose latest album "Happiness Is Hard" is a Brad classic. I suggest you investigate his website and dig deeper into the wild world of Swivek. Anyway, I finished this remix about 15 minutes ago now I'm off to dreamyland...
Swivek - Cocksure (OTV Suck It Easy Mix)
MP3 4.35MB, 128 kbps

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