The new Sleater-Kinney LP The Woods has leaked out onto the net, and this is a first taster of the "new direction" we've heard the girls are heading in since jumping labels from Kill Rock Stars to Sub Pop. It's totally bananas! A lick of feedback and we go flying head-first into a wall of fuzz guitar and crashing drums. It's kind of a trip back in time to the days when they might have called this kind of thing "grunge." It's a heady swirl of punk and psychedelia, and in the girls' hands it manages to sound fresh and vital, not retro. Corrine's vocals are sharp and biting as ever, but without as much "bark", something that has turned a few people I know off from liking the Portland trio in the past. Actually, Sleater-Kinney allude to a variety of different sounds (grunge ballad, motown stomp, 80s hard rock) on The Woods, managing not to repeat anything they've recorded in the past, but still retaining thier signature sound. It's a little different, but still another instant classic from my all-time favorite Northwest punk trio! Sleater-Kinney - The Fox
MP3 4.71MB, 192 kbps

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