Seaweed Jack

Here's four Spokane boys who can put together quite a racket. This tune sounds a bit like a mid-60's era Mick Jagger fronting the Pixies, with an ever-so-slightly cheesy metal guitar solo. It's a drunken Spokane punk classic. My suggestion to these boys is to find a producer who can capture their live energy better. There are some studio recordings posted on their well-designed website, but they drained all the life and energy out of the songs. If they stick with the raw, live psychobilly sound they capture so well on this track, they might be able to accomplish the rare act of rising above the Spokane scene and making a name for themselves. Singer Geoff Doolittle (Pixies album title - coincidence?) seems possessed by the ghost of rock and roll past, and that can't be a bad thing. If you like what you hear, go check them out at Fat Tuesdays on Saturday, March 19.
Seaweed Jack - Open Face Crab Sandwich
MP3 5.15 MB, VBR, 44kHz

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