Rain & Romeo

I recently unearthed a box of tapes from storage filled with old mix tapes, cassette singles, thrift store finds, etc. Out of the clutter emerged this tape of wonderful Coeur d’Alene synthpop from the deep dark height of the ‘80s. I always thought these songs deserved recognition beyond the handful of people who’ve ever had a chance to hear them. Rain & Romeo was Jesse Kennedy (who I believe is still in town with his wife Dani), my friend Sre(Hello - are you out there somewhere?), and if I recall correctly Joe Dion added some guitar. I’m not exactly sure when this tape was recorded but I’d estimate it at 1987. Jesse had a real razoo synthesizer setup and a serious early Vince Clarke obsession. Sre had a lovely voice and must have been only about 16 when this was done. I tried to clean up the sound quality a bit, but unfortunately, the tape itself is beginning to disintegrate. So, in hopes of these lost-in-time mini-masterpieces finally reaching the audience they deserve I present…

Rain & Romeo - Naked Heart MP3 2.68MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

Rain & Romeo - Shame MP3 3.91MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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