Nathan Fake

This is the kind of organic electronics that you can feel rumbling through your lower intestine until perhaps, a trip to the little boys/little girls lounge becomes neccesary. Absolutely brilliant! I heard this track on BBC Radio 1's OneMusic with my man Rob da Bank and swiftly located it for immediate download. It's the ghost of early Human League drinking vodka jellies with the Aphex Twin after a night full of too much cake and candy. Who is this so-called Nathan Fake? I have no idea, and his website, although well-designed reveals little. Here is his bio as quoted in its entirety: "Nathan Fake was born and brought up in Norfolk, England and now resides in Reading. He has been playing and writing music since he was a young teenager. Now at twenty-one years old, Nathan's first record "Outhouse" was released in November 2003 on Border Community. He is not a DJ, never has been and probably never will be."
Good enough. His music speaks for itself.
Nathan Fake - Overdraft
MP3 5.48MB, 192 kbps, 44kHz

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