Moog (Richard Hayman)

I know I'm quite a few hipster cycles behind on this one, but lately I've developed a fetish for vintage Moog synthesiser recordings from the late 60's and early '70's. Most of these are similar in sound regardless of the artist credted to the track. Multiple layers of farty monosynth Moog eruptions over a backdrop of go-go drums and occasional funk bass. Usually, these records are full of unimaginably bizzare covers of current (at the time) pop hits. I have found some of these albums to be delightful as background music for studying and for just relaxing, as they are primarily instrumental and oddlly hypnotic. Do a Google search for a history of Robert Moog and his wonderful invention, it's quite interesting. Of course, good luck finding original vinyl copies - they were snatched up by collectors when the Moog revival first kicked in in the mid-late 90's. However, quite a few have seen light of day on CD and can be found here and there; or you enter "moog" into your favorite P2P software and see what comes up. Here's a charming Moog cover of a classic Bacharach tune... Richard Hayman - The Look Of Love MP3 3.69MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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