Kelly Osbourne

OK: Here it is, folks. Our little Kelly Osbourne has gone all skinny and robotic and Eurotrash on us. Wisely, she has dumped the pouty she-punk that made her debut album fun but irritating and traded it for a pleasant type of Ladytron tribute. Her new record was cooked up by the inescapable Linda Perry and some Swedish robots, or something like that. Although I suspect our dear eternal fashion-victim is guilty of a wee bit of trend-hopping (New New Wave, anyone?), this synth-overdriven sound suits her better, I think. Post-rehab Kelly is 20 now, and so she's all grown up and this sounds like it's meant to be a fresh start. It has a poor man's Giorgio Moroder vibe going on, and I love the disembodied French woman speaking during the intro. Oddly, Peter Schilling's classic lost-in-space synth ditty "Major Tom (Coming Home)" casts its shadow all over this one as well. When I heard Kelly was going electro-pop, I had high expectations, and this track doesn't really take me all the way there. However, it's a great little pop single that grows catchier with each listen, and damn, the girl looks fantastic! The absolutely frabjous and arty-farty video leaked onto the web earlier this week but was quickly squashed by her record label, pending an official debut next month as a "Making the Video" special on MTV, which promises to be a wonderful mega-dose of Kelliness. The album Sleeping In The Nothing hits shelves June 7. Kelly Osbourne - One Word MP3 7.37MB, 192kbps, 44kHz

I think that kelly looks absolutely fabulous... The hair is much better and the clothes, make up, everything....

I love the new video One word because its different that anything out there....

I think that her music its in a go├Ád way, That synth and electro pop but i have to say that the music and the lyrics could and must be way Powerful
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