I wasn't totally over the moon about Garbage's last one Beautifulgarbage a few years back, but if this single is an early indication, thier new album Bleed Like Me should be a masterpiece. Butch Vig's creative production work turns an ordinary pop song into delicious, morphine-coated hard candy. He fills the track with mind-numbingly catchy start-stop riffs that sound like they were cut-and-pasted randomly. Shirley Manson's vocal lines rip and snarl like a hungry pussycat: "You're driving me cray-zay!" It's a one of those riff-happy, crunchy moments in pop music that sends shivers up your spine because it's just too perfect, and as soon as the song ends you wanna hear it again. It's like Blondie meets grunge rock on steroids. This song seems to be stirring up quite a buzz already, and it deserves to be a huge hit. Move over Ashlee, you untalented little twit. Shirley's back to show you how it should be done...
Garbage - Why Do You Love Me?
MP3 6.53MB, 196kbps, 44kHz

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