Erasure, to me, is like a big warm comfortable sweater that I've been wearing for years. It might be a little out of fashion, but I don't really care and I wear it all the time still anyway because it's my favorite. Vince and Andy have been putting out the same kind of cozy synthpop for many years now, in fact thier latest, Nightbird, is album number 13! I remember riding the bus up to The Long Ear in 1985 (it was before I was even old enough to drive!) to buy Erasure's first album Wonderland when it came out. Now, 20 years later I showed up at the Long Ear to buy Nightbird as soon as it came out. Who would have thought? Anyway, I also recently purchased thier Hits DVD with all thier wonderful, crazy, campy videos and live performances and interviews. It's over 6-hours long and is Erasure manna from heaven for any fan. Highly recommended, indeed. Anyway, just to be different, here is a recent instrumental B-side (of "Breathe") which is short, but very sweet. Erasure - Mr. Gribber And His Amazing Cat MP3 3.73MB, 128kbps, 44mHz

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