The Brunettes

The gorgeous arrangement seems like an homage to 60's girl-group era Bacharach. Then, the 'la la la la woah-woah's kick in followed by some vintage synth bits, and I am taken back to Distant Plastic Trees era Magnetic Fields. Throw in a pinch of early Belle and Sebastian for good measure. The echo-drenched female voice sighs beautifully in English and French. It has actual ducks quacking in the backgound of the intro and at the end! Actual ducks! I'm just trying to fill space here since I know nothing at all about the Brunettes other than they are from New Zealand and they make absolutely classic catchy bubblegum pop as evidenced by this 2002 gem:
The Brunettes - Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks
MP3 4.65MB, 128kbps

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