Adult. are quite serious about the idea of Electropunk. I wouldn't go so far as to say they invented the genre on thier 2003 album Anxiety Always but they perfected it. And on thier new Thrill Jockey EP D.U.M.E. they take the idea a step further into darker, gothier territories. Nicola Kuperus' voice will always remind me of an '80's era of paranoid she-punk best represented by trash-classic films Breaking Glass and Liquid Sky. Adult. have been working more traditional guitar and bass into the mix, something that I was initially leary about since I really loved thier pure electro sound ("Hand to Phone", "Nausea"). But I love the new sound too, Adam Lee Miller's guitar work is so wonderfully angular in quintessential New Wave fashion.
The EP was recorded onto tape the old-fashioned way, no digital equipment allowed, and it really has that gritty grimy sound heard on classic recordings from the early Human League/Gary Numan era. In fact, I'm convinced they somehow must have gotten a hold of the original goth drum machine- Doktor Avalanche, formerly of Sisters of Mercy. However, Adult. aren't just all about retro at all. They manage to take bits from that era to create something entirely unique and futuristic in it's own way. Fantastic. (And don't forget the period.)
Adult. - Hold Your Breath
MP3 5.61MB, 192 kbps, 44 kHz

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