Thanks, Dave

I am semi-honored to have recieved a mention today by D.F. Oliveria in his Spokesman Review blog "Huckleberries Online" (See "Inside Huckleberries (2/23/05)") . He has named Making Flippy Floppy as one of the best named local blogs. Well, having blatantly stolen the name from an old favorite song (figure it out, kids), I don't really earn too many creativity brownie points, but I love getting mentioned anyway. Maybe it will drum up so more traffic and people will start leaving some comments on the music etc. Comments, people, comments!

Also, I have been thinking of putting more of a local slant on my blog with some Mp3's from local CDA/PF/Hayden music artists, so if you are reading this and want to contribute, please e-mail your mp3's to me.

Lastly, if you are reading this, you probably know our dear Brian, who has just thrown his bowler hat into the blog ring with the superbly titled A Scream in My Voice. Check it out, and have a dirty martini for that girl!

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