New Order

Apparently not everyone was as in love with the last New Order album Get Ready as I was. Oh well, I love New Order when they are in slick, jangle-guitar mode and so far the new album Waiting For The Sirens' Call seems headed in that same direction. Actually, they have brought in an official new member, and he's another guitarist, and that seems to have re-invigorated them a bit. Early reviews are saying a few tracks are even reminiscent of Joy Division (!) Lead singer Bernard says that since the band no longer runs a dance club (the Hacienda), they don't feel so compelled to make dance music. Makes sense I guess. The single "Krafty" is a breezy classic and the most electronic of the tracks I've heard so far, and seems ripe for remixing. This track, "Who's Joe?", is the first track of the album and, to me, is an awesome example of that familiar epic New Order sound.
New Order - Who's Joe?

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