Nancy Sinatra

Okay: I want to keep this blog at least PG13 rated but I gotta link to these shots of our girl. Whaddya think? - real or fake (I mean the photos, not the boobies). I do vaguely recall her having posed for Hef...
Actually, I'm too hungover today for niceties, so I'll just leave it to Nancy: Friday's child.....Hard luck is her brother Friday's child.....Her sister's misery Friday's child.....Her daddy they call hard times Friday's child.....That's me Friday's child.....Born a little ugly Friday's child.... Good looks passed her by..oh Friday's child.....Makes something look like nothing Friday's child.....Am I...yeah Friday's child.....Never climbed no mountain Friday's child.....She ain't even gonna try..oh Friday's child.....Whom they'll forget to bury Friday's child.....Am I Nancy Sinatra - Friday's Child 2.24 MB, 128kbps,44mHz

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