Coming on like a nightmare cross between DFA, Devo, and Margaret Cho's mom, Mu has been one of my favorites since my ears were first confused and delighted a few years back by thier track "Chair Girl". Vocalist Mutsumi Kanamori has a voice that can rip thru rice paper like a hot chopstick, and music man Maurice Fulton is never afraid to experiment with all kinds of bells, whistles, and electronic doo-hickeys. They're totally out there but they DO have the funk. Thier new album Out of Breach takes what they did on thier debut Afro Finger and Gel a step closer to the limit of sanity. Lead single "Paris Hilton" is perfect and priceless, but the wildest track on the album is this one, "Stop Bothering Michael Jackson". Kanamori vents her spleen hard in charmingly broken English, calling Jackson's accuser a stupid bitch with no talent making up fake stories, and ending with "Suck my dick!" Forget Liz Taylor, this is probably the best defense poor MJ is likely to see anytime in the near future.
Mu - Stop Bothering Michael Jackson

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