Moby in Good Album Shocker!
Moby has tried on many different shoes over the years and some of them fit better than others. I first became a big huge fan of his in the early '90's rave-era when classics like "Go! and "Drop A Beat" swept everyone onto the dancefloor in an exhilarating rush. It's been a mixed bag since then with the ill-concieved rock attempt Animal Rights being the most harsh. Actually, many of us had started to give up on the bald one after he followed his ginormously succesful Play album with the ultra-boring carbon copy 18 a few years back. So, it was a fab surprise to hear that his new album Hotel is a return to form. Sonically, it's quite different than it's predecessors. It has a definite early-80's vibe going on, a perfect blend of electronics and guitar. The songwriting is top notch, almost every song is catchy and has single potential. Many of these tracks feature Moby's somewhat-thin-but getting-better voice, but it really works in the context of these songs. There are even a few tracks featuring a wonderful female vocalist (who is that?) that remind me of the rushing dance music he made way back when. Hotel is, in my book, Mr. Melville Hall's most shining moment to date.
Moby - Raining Again
MP3 4.26 MB, 160kbps

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