Jeans Team

I like how this guys voice sounds like Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk a little bit...come to think of it, a lot of german guys sing with kind of a melodic detachment that I really enjoy. Jeans Team have always created synthpop that on the surface seems really simple, but thier electro-tinged songs are actually impeccably produced and intricate. Earlier singles include my favorite "Waffenladen (Gold und Silber)" with it's headfuck electronics and sing-songy verses, and "Keine Melodien" which Peaches' turn into a leathersex romp with her cover version. Thier second album is coming out soon (or is it already out, I dunno...) titled Music Von Oben, and this is the addictive housy first single "Oh Bauer!" You'll have to order this one from your import CD specialist, kids, since I doubt a US release is in the works...
Jeans Team - Oh Bauer!
4.7MB, 128kbps, 44 mHz

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