International Fabricare Institute

Satin, suede, serapes and sweaters,

Suits and coats, woolens and leathers,

Everything, whenever, whatever,

Dry clean when you care! This mesmerizing, epic track was featured as part of Otis Fodder's 365 Days MP3 series last year. This track has taken on a life of it's own around here ever since. It was recorded by a group of anonymous musicians and vocalists in 1976 and was distributed as a 45 single to promote the wonders of the International Fabricare Institute. It's a wonderful, catchy tune that will stick in your head forever, haunting your life in a pleasant way. I especially love the mid-song speech by the President of the Institute, in a voice that makes you realize where Dubya might have got some of his inspiration from. This track has features on many of my mix CDs over the past year and is in regular rotation at Jhanie's Leopard Lounge. In fact, Jhanie was cleaning house one day and found some clothes hangers leftover from the last tenant that are imprinted with the glorious "Dry Clean When You Care" logo. It was fate! International Fabricare Institute - Dry Clean When You Care

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